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Sport Routes in Huu Lung | 17th of May

15 April 2015

Summer is now here. What’s more exciting than an outdoor trip ?!

Enjoying the sun and challenging environment, join us and combine the gymnastic styles of indoor climbing with an adventurous environment in Hữu Lũng!!!

For members, only 900,000 VND
Non-members: according number of participants, starting at 1,200K VND
Included: climbing gears, transportation, fast breakfast, lunch and lead-climber.
Not included: insurance, drinks, climbing shoes if needed.

Start at 8.00 am from the gym, 2.5hrs on the car to Hữu Lũng, lunch at around 1.00pm to 2.00pm, back in Hanoi around 8.00pm.

Please deposit 70% 3 days before hand so that we can prepare for your transportation and meals.