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10 Facts About VietClimb

VietClimb is celebrating its 10th anniversary on April 4 2021. Being the first indoor bouldering walls ever in Vietnam is a daily honor. Here are 10 facts about us you probably don’t know.

#1 VietClimb is dedicated to develop outdoor climbing in Vietnam. Our team has installed 1,845 bolts, free climbed 130 routes, developed 11 crags and created 2 homestays in the district of Huu Lung. More info on theCrag.

#2 We are proud to have pinpointed on the international climbing scene Yen Thinh, an unknown rural village in the district of Huu Lung. This crag has been nominated “best local climbing destination” by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and ranked second climbing destination in South-East Asia by the Lonely Planet.

#3 The VC team has scouted, bolted and climbed sport routes in 8 different provinces in Vietnam: in Bắc Kạn (Ba Bể), Hà Nội (Quốc Oai), Hòa Bình, Huế (Bạch Mã), Lạng Sơn (Hữu Lũng), Ninh Bình, Quảng Ninh (Cát Bà), Yên Bái (Vũ Linh). On the bouldering front, we have explored, gardened and brushed boulders and rock in three provinces in Gia Lai (Pleiku), Khánh Hòa (Đầm Môn) and Ninh Thuận (Mũi Dinh).

#4 We guided 145 trips in Huu Lung, 95 Deep Water Solo trips in Cat Ba, organized 15 bouldering competitions, and has thrown 35 parties. Rock on!

Chúc Sức Khỏe multi-pitch at Head Wall (Hữu Lũng) is the longest route of Vietnam, with 5 pitches (7a max, 6b/A0 required) and a height of 105 metres.

#5 VietClimb strives to inspire an organic online community with quality content. Thanks to our 13.295 Facebook Fans, 1,945 Instagram Followers and 412 YouTube Subscribers for sharing their love of climbing in Hanoi, Saigon and Vietnam!

#6 Our team has built 5 sport climbing walls and 8 bouldering walls nationwide serving international schools, conglomerates and ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises willing to develop climbing infrastructures.

#7 VietClimb has initiated, advocated and led the first professional certification delivered by the Ministry of Sport, Culture and Tourism, marking the institutionalization of our sport in September 2020.

#8 Our team has produced 2 significant events gathering up to 3,000 visitors to promote extreme and urban sports in Vietnam: the Gravity Games in 2012 in Dong Da park, first X-Games style event in Vietnam, and the VietClimb Bouldering Cup in 2015 at Hanoi Creative City.

#9 We strive to be the best at what they promote: last December, Uyen and Jean brought back Gold in Hanoi at the last climbing competition held in Saigon. These last years, Cedric has route-set for international competition in Singapore, Thailand and for the French national Junior championship.

#10 VietClimb is 110% about love, climbing and the connections it creates!

Located in Hanoi, the climbing gym is open since 2011.
Committed to raise up the foundations of a solid climbing culture in Vietnam, VietClimb is proud of its community and what we achieved together.

Thank you for your support over the past 10 years!

VietClimb Team