Vietclimb’s Homestay


In 2017, VietClimb initiated a community-based project in the commune of Yên Thịnh to facilitate the confluence of urbanized local climbers with the functional needs of local villagers and farmers to create hospitality resources with limited access to capital.

Mão the owner and patriarch of the homestay was living in a stilt house with his family in thôn Làng originally.  He had shown interest in working with VietClimb and Hanoi climbers while watching the climbers scaling cliffs since 2012.

Mao’s household is composed of 4 persons, Mão, Tu and their 2 children, Kim-Chi and Chinh. Both parents are involved in farming activities, while Mão is also involved as the Youth Union Leader of the community commune.
Mao’s existing home structure was a local stilt house assembled in 1982, resting on 38 pillars from a single Ironwood tree, a valuable but fragile tropical timber. Equipment consisted of firewood as main source of cooking energy, pit latrine for sanitation, a well for water supply, Kafkian electrical wiring, and a TV, the classic rural window to the World.
The chicken coop was located under the kitchen area, supervised by the family cats and Mickey the Dog.

VietClimb’s goal was to keep the material and cultural identity of the architecture while bringing access to sanitation, safe water supply, and improving user’s functionality.

The existing building was stripped down to its structural wooden skeleton and accented with bamboo and pearl lampshades powered by a vintage knob electrical wiring system running between porcelain insulators.
An antique bike and suspended paddy tools flowed warm spots on the ground floor, while above in the main hall, the Ancestor worship altar and joss paper resided with spirits looking after the residents as they slept. The main hall is composed of trimmed, sanded, and reassembled floorboards from the existing structure.
A classic “imperial yellow” paired with a disruptive blue dress up the bricks of the sanitation and water block, bringing a Mediterranean feel to the south facing terrace with a view of the mountains. The basement has been tiled and equipped with climbing elements such as rope bed, training board, hammock, swing, and an invitation to jump in the great outdoors.

Facilities: traditional stilt house with a 150-sqm footprint standing on a 1 ha yard to share. No A/C, only ventilation.
Capacity: 12 persons. Extra beds are an option.
Chill area: terrace with view, Wi-Fi, situation maps, sitting and swinging spots, board games, books, plug sockets.
Outdoor yard: motorbike parking, garden, camping ground, trees, slackline.
Sanitation: 2 toilets, 2 washbasins, 2 showers with HWS, mirrors, hairdryer, toilet paper.
Individual pack: 1 military trunk to clear your travel bag and organize your stuff, 1 comfy mattress, sheets and quilt, 1 mosquito net, one bedside lamp.
Activities within a 5 km radius: rock-climbing, hiking, mountain running, biking, swimming, lakes, Nature Reserve
Language spoken: Vietnamese.

All booking and full payments should be done through VietClimb in Hanoi at least 72 hours before check-in.
Be sure to plan your booking a few weeks in advance during high season.

Full-board / Half-board accommodation

Menu sample

Vegetables: green beans, cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini.
Carbohydrates: rice, potatoes.
Protein: tomato tofu, tofu la lot, fresh tofu, nem nuong, roasted duck, sauteed pork.
Salads: cucumber, banana leaves,
Breakfast: instant noodles / fried eggs with bread, French Press Coffee, fruits.

Food: Vegetarian diet is an option. Kitchen access is possible (electric kettle, stovetop) except during host cooking time.
Extra services: lunch box, transportation by motorbike or car, laundry, guiding (trekking).

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