Bouldering gym

Our gym is a quality and safe climbing facilities of two hundred square meters. It proposes mostly bouldering.

Whether you’re a beginner or a climbing machine, our bouldering centre offers what you need to increase your climbing skills and improve your art of movement on a vertical dimension. The routes are coded with six different colors, inspired by Fontainebleau grading system. New problems are set up every week on a rolling basis.

Our Packages

  • 1 Year* : Individual : 9 800 K
  • 6 Month* : Individual : 5 700 K
  • 3 Month* : Individual : 3 400 K
  • 1 Month : Individual : 1 600 K

Member’s benefits

Benefits for 3 months and above Membership: 20% off on outdoor trips, 5% off on membership renewal, special offers with our network of partners, included restaurants, recreation and sport club in Hanoi. Memberships are nominative, non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • 1 Year* : Individual : 11 500 K
  • 6 Month* : Individual : 6 600 K
  • 3 Month* : Individual : 4 000 K
  • 1 Month : Individual : 1 600 K

(Premium give Access to our Class)

Premium Member’s benefits

Benefits for 3months and above Membership: 20% off on outdoor trips, 5% off on membership renewal, special offers with our network of partners, included restaurants, recreation and sport club in Hanoi. Memberships are nominative, non-transferable and non-refundable.

Looking to try out bouldering? Visiting Hanoi? You don’t have to be a member to climb with us. Come in for a day pass and enjoy the gym all day long!

  • Day-pass: 180 K
  • Shoes rental: 30 K/person
  • Chalk rental: 30 K/person

Optimize your fitness level, explore the bouldering tricks and burn calories!

1. Beginner class. (Free for Premium member)
Pay as you go: 350 K / Four-class package: 1 200 K
– What will you learn? How to boulder in the safest conditions, improve your body awareness and position. Optimize your footwork, coordination and balance.
After a four-class package, you should be able to develop smooth and static movements.
– Contact us for detailed Schedule.

2. Training and Clinics(Free for Premium member)
Pay as you go: 350 K / Four-class package: 1 300 K

What will you do? Improve your bouldering routine, broaden your repertory of climbing movements, boost your stamina.
– Contact us for detailed Schedule

3. Children class (U13).
Pay as you go: 250 K / Four-class package: 900 K / Eight-class Package: 1 500 K
What will they do? Discover climbing through bouldering games, improving their overall agility and motor coordination and get a lot of fun!
– Contact us for detailed Schedule

4. Private class.
Pay as you go: 500 K / Person
What will you do?
– Contact us for detailed Schedule

1. Corporate challenge and team-building
Challenge your staff with fun exercises that really builds the strength of your team! Bouldering is a great way to work on trust, communication, cooperation, goal setting, problem solving and leadership.
– Corporate challenge (1h): 350 K/person (Climbing shoes rental included)
– Team-building (1.5h): 300 K/person (Climbing shoes rental included)

2. Kid’s birthday
Looking for a really fun birthday treat? VietClimb Bday Package is the perfect way to celebrate with friends, providing a unique and exciting experience based on bouldering and climbing games.
– Kid’s birthday (1h): 250 K/kid (Climbing shoes rental included)

You can download your Climbing Birthday Invitation card here

Let’s make your Birthday Party awesome !

Indoor bouldering is arguably the most accessible form of climbing and requires the least amount of equipment, says Jordan Buys, coach at BMC Youth Academy and former member of the GB Bouldering Team.

What is bouldering?
Originally bouldering was climbing on rocks that weren’t large enough to warrant a rope, but it has now developed into a very popular style of rock climbing in its own right. These short, tricky and worthwhile problems reduce the essence of climbing to something brilliantly minimalist. Bouldering offers great freedom of movement, requires hardly any equipment and you don’t need a partner to hold your ropes.The same benefits meant more climbers wanted to boulder at indoor walls. Purpose-built bouldering walls began to appear, providing inventive problems on a variety of angles with soft matting underneath. Initially indoor walls were used as training or a wet weather alternative to climbing outdoors. Recently, though, the evolution of indoor walls has transformed the experience into a new sub-sport, and some climbers exclusively boulder indoors.

What equipment do I need?
All you need is a pair of rock shoes, a chalk bag and someone to point you in the right direction. Most walls these days rent out shoes and many have a gear shop on site if you wish to buy your own kit.

What is the grade system?
Most bouldering walls set Fontainebleau (the French bouldering mecca) style colour-coded circuits, where all the problems of a particular colour are at a similar level of difficulty. Some walls use V grades (V0, V1, V2…), others use Font grades (Font 4, 5, 5+, 6A…).

Where to start?
Climbing walls cater for the full spectrum of abilities – novices will rub shoulders with the cream of the crop. Don’t feel intimidated. Even the best had to learn the basics of movement skills. Focus on technique. Strength will come but don’t rush it as bouldering can be highly stressful on your body. You tend to do more hard moves in a session than when climbing routes (with ropes).

How can I improve my technique?
The beauty of indoor bouldering is that technique and movement skills can be practised on various angles and hold types that work your individual weaknesses, at your own pace. Aim to climb your warm ups in the best style possible. Practise various drills such as flagging (where a leg is held in a position to aid balance, rather than to support weight) and heel hooks (using a heel on a hold for balance or leverage) on easier ground. This will instill good habits for harder territory. Watch others who move well, analyse what makes them good climbers and try to emulate their techniques.

How long is a bouldering session?
When you first try indoor bouldering, it probably won’t be long before your hands and forearms protest. As your body responds and adapts to the demands you are putting on it, you should eventually be able to manage two – three hour sessions. Learn to listen to your body from the beginning. If your hands and feet hurt, go home. You will then be able to go climbing again pretty soon, which is far better than having to spend a long time healing from injury.

Having fun!
Bouldering can be an independent game or a sociable one. You have a chance to climb with others and try the same problems or you can seek solitude if you prefer. If you find that you have completed all the climbs that you can do at your local wall, you could try making your own problems up, or perhaps make the effort to visit a different bouldering wall. Keep an eye out for friendly bouldering competitions to enter – they offer a great social scene and lots of fresh problems to try.

Source: British Mountaineering Council

In order to let everyone enjoy its own climbing experience and have a great time in a safe environment, some basic guidelines has to be respected.

– All climbers will be required to sign a waiver prior to climbing.
– Be aware of other climbers, climb safely
– Spotting is required when necessary (higher or steep problems)
– Remove all jewelry
– Climbing shoes are required for climbing. Bare foot climbing is not allowed.
– Step away from the mat upon completion of your climb
– Avoid walking underneath other climbers on the wall
– Maintain the more possible at least 3 points of contact with the wall at all times
– No fizzy drinks or sugary foods should be consumed on the climbing areas

Terms and conditions: Freeze policy

– Only members who purchase 3 months at once can utilize the freeze option.
– Membership can be frozen for a minimum 10 days and a maximum of two months.

– A maximum of 10 days can be frozen for a 3-month membership.
– A maximum of 25 days can be frozen for a 6-month membership.
– A maximum of 55 days can be frozen for a 1-year membership.
– Requests must be submitted by email at or by private message on the VietClimb page one week before the period you want to freeze.

Please be specific in the number of days you want to freeze. Memberships can not be frozen at the Front Desk.

– You must receive a confirmation email or Facebook message from us. If not, please inquire about your status.

– Children shall climb under the supervision of our qualified staff in one of the regular kids courses or by their parents
– Children shall not run in all the area
– Consent agreement and waiver must be completed and signed by a parent for those under the age of 16.

VietClimb staff reserves the right to eject from our premises any persons whose behavior jeopardizes their safety or the safety of others.

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