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VietClimb Bouldering Cup 2016

The VBC16, produced and organized by VietClimb, was designed to promote an active lifestyle to increase physical and social well-being, engage the youth to practice recreational activities as a fitness workout and a sport training, and give to the public a better understanding of climbing and bouldering. Thanks to all the participants for the energy spent that day, and for those who made this event happened!

Team Leaders:
– Bouldering: Janet Goh, Wei Theng, Chris Veit, Johan Viard, Cedric Deguilhem
– Parkour: Joker Family
– Breakdance: Akilla, Bun-X, DJ Slowz, Kid Nasty, MC Kid, Stork Spin
– Skateboard: Linh Do, LB Skateshop
– Street art: Hanoi Fire Collective, S5 Crew
– Môn Phái Nam Hồng Sơn: Bui Dang Van
– Free Style Soccer: Kien Tri
– Ska Orchestra: Hanoi de Ska Y